Goa GPS Software Whitelabeled Via VoxTrail!

Vehicle Tracking Devices, as we all be familiar with is now becoming an essential part of the logistics and transportation industry. Though, its usability & profits are not constrained to just this trade and therefore expand to diverse industries across multiple domains & the industry lines. We at GOA GPS SYSTEM associated with VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is a Gurugram based, emperor of GPS industry that offers excellent Whitelabelling Software Solutions have derived a tech freak, intuit functionalitites embedded GPS Tracking Software - Goa GPS Software . With our foremost association with VoxTrail Software Solutions we got immense exposure to the market segmentation and necessities of consumers.
Say good bye to your operating expenses with Goa GPS Software. Moreover, there are numerous aspects that can be managed simultaneously with the complete assistance of Goa GPS Software. Delay in fleet’s voyage, incorrect consignment delivery, a trivial temperature deviation in reefers, wastage of fuel, or idling of automobile by driver could interrupt the complete schedules & cause massive potential loss in your business. Thus, installation of GPS based Fleet Management Goa GPS Software can benefit your businesses in frequent ways.

Some of the most noteworthy assistance that Goa GPS Software has made the transportation sector furnished, includes the following –

  • • Real-Time Tracking –Track the exact position of your assets such as your vehicle, your loved ones, your mobile phone, your favorite bike etc. online in a real-time with foremost platform – Goa GPS Software. Opt from the different category of maps like Google, OSM, and Satellite etc. Analyze the additional information related to your tracking objects such as exact address, speed, petrol consumption rates, travel history, and more.
  • • Notifications –Get the instant alerts related to your tracking assets and identify when your vehicle or asset enters/exits from the marked geo-zone and know if there is any speeding & stopovers in the whole journey with Goa GPS Software. Get the favorable SOS alarms if your vehicle or asset has been stolen and turn on/off the engine with just one click. Moreover, you can get the notifications on your Android, iPhone, or Windows devices, through e-mail, SMS, or Goa GPS Mobile App.
  • • History & Reports –Download & review the reports in special formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, and TXT with the assistance of Goa GPS Software. Different types of reports comprise information sorted by date & the GPS tracker name includes driving hours, distance traveled, stopovers, fuel consumption rates, & many more. Moreover, the detailed & group reports are also accessible with Goa GPS Software.
  • • Geo-fencing Alerts –The foremost Geo-fence feature of Goa GPS Software allows you to set-up the geographic boundaries or areas that have explicit attention for you. You can receive the robotic alerts when the vehicle enters/leaves from the marked geo-boundaries.
  • • Fuel Savings –With the assistance of Goa GPS Software you can easily check the tank fuel level & fuel consumption rates along with the path in real-time. Moreover, the Aggressive driving: speeding & braking, rapid acceleration, direct influencing of fuel consumption rates. It is a fact, that improving the driving performance can slash your fuel costs drastically by 5% to 15%. Furthermore, fuel consumption rate is an enormous precautionary measure against the fraud.

All the basic characteristics of the fleet industry are implemented by Goa GPS Software making it the best GPS Tracking software among the other GPS competitors. Thus, choose the intelligent technology partner – VoxTrail Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. for all the serviceability for your vehicle’s safety or asset, & provide your clientele the unsurpassed experience & satisfaction of exploring you as their GPS Service partner.


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